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Winter Storm Jonas Named: Major Snowstorm Likely in Northeast

Guilford Fire Department is monitoring this storm very closely.

Winter Storm Jonas has been named by the winter storm naming committee at The Weather Channel. Jonas is likely to be the biggest snowstorm of the winter season thus far and is increasingly likely to hammer parts of the East late this week into the weekend with heavy snow, high winds and coastal flooding.

What we know:

It now looks increasingly likely that Winter Storm Jonas will take shape starting Thursday and last through the weekend. This could deliver high-impact snowfall to parts of the East. Depending on the track, intensity and duration of the storm, we could also see coastal flooding and strong, gusty winds. With a full moon this weekend tides will already be running high, which could worsen the impacts should any coastal flooding occur.

Significant Winter Storm Thursday through Sunday

  • What: After Winter Storm Ilias brings light to moderate snowfall and some ice to parts of the Midwest and mid-South midweek, Winter Storm Jonas will begin to take shape in the Midwest and South by Thursday in response to upper-level energy pushing into the West Tuesday night. Once this energy gets east of the Rockies, it will trigger the development of a low-pressure system over the South that may then track to near or off the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coasts Friday into the weekend.

  • Where: Snow will initially develop from the central Plains into the Ozarks Thursday. By Thursday night or Friday, snow or a rain/snow mix may impact parts of the Ohio Valley, Tennessee Valley, Appalachians and potentially the Mid-Atlantic. Snow could then impact parts of the Northeast I-95 corridor Friday night through Saturday, possibly lingering into Sunday.

  • How much: For all of the above-mentioned areas, the snowfall accumulation potential will depend on a number of factors such as the timing and the exact track of this storm. This is why you should check daily to see what the latest forecast is showing for potential snowfall accumulation in your location. That said, heavy snowfall is looking increasingly likely from the Appalachians into the Mid-Atlantic States and possibly the Northeast. Over a foot of snow is possible in parts of the Appalachians and Mid-Atlantic states. Below we discuss why the forecast is uncertain.


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