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Cold Water Rescue Training

Because Guilford has many lakes and rivers, it is important that Guilford Firefighters continue to train and be proficient in cold water rescue. 

Heavy Rescue Training

Having a major interstate, railway, and major roads cross through Guilford gives the potential for large and small vehicle accidents to occur in town. Guilford Firefighters take part in specialized training to prepare themselves for these types of emergencies. 

Live Fire Training

Clinton Volunteer Fire Department hosted a Live Fire Training evoloution that members of The Guilford Fire Department attended.

Trench Rescue Training

Members train annually in trench rescue 

Live Fire Training

Members train annually in live fire training 

Rope Rescue Technician Training

Members train in rope rescue technician course

Live Burn Training.

Guilford Firefighters are required to train in a live burn atmosphere once a year. Guilford Firefighters have the opportunity to utilize a Live Burn Trailer to accomplish required training goals.

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