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Downtown Madison Fire June 2013

A large fire destroyed "towns treasures" and damaged other businesses in downtown Madison early Thursday morning. Madison Fire crews were sent to the area of 734 Boston Post Rd. around 3:30 a.m., and when they arrived they said they saw heavy smoke coming from the building.


Wildlife Rescue

Guilford Firefighters answered the call to help with a local wildlife rescue organization to place a rehabilitated Osprey back in its nest that was 50 up approximately 50 feet.

Guilford Fire Responds To Clinton for Hazmat August 2013

A large propane tank was found abandoned on the shore by Cedar Island Marina. Guilford FIrefighters were called for Mutual Aid to assist with securing the tank and its contents. Guilford Professional Firefighters are part of the New Haven Area Special Hazards Team and are equipped to handle most Hazardous Materials incidents. In this case, the chemical was propane. The propane was burned off with a special tool called The Red Dragon.

Guilford Fire Dive Team Responds To Old Lyme For A Person Who Fell Through The Ice

Guilford FIre Department Dive Team Responded to Old Lyme for a report of a person who had fallen through the ice and was missing.

Guilford Fire Responds To The Report Of A Person Who Fell Into A 30 Foot Well

The Guilford FIre Department responded to a residence where a 63-year-old man fell through a wood floor inside the home and ended up falling an additional 30 feet down a well. Firefighters were able to rig up a rope system to safely remove the patient from the well. The victim suffered minor injuries.

Structure Fire Whitfield Street

Crews responded to a report of a fire inside a residential structure. When crews arrived, fire was seen on the front of the building above a second-floor window. As crews advanced the fire spread quickly to the attic. This turned out to be a stubborn fire due to the age and construction of the building.


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