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Guilford Fire Department

Emergency Operations Center

The EOC is the focal point for coordination of the Town's emergency planning, training, response and recovery efforts. EOC processes follow the National All-Hazards approach to major disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, acts of terrorism and large-scale events in the Town that require involvement by multiple Town departments. 


EOC Organization: Arranged according to NIMS Standards.


ICS – ESF Layout: Arranged according to ICS Branch/Federal Emergency Support Functions:
Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Transportation, Utilities, Public Works, Mass Care, Damage Assessment, Emergency Management


Communications: EOC local and wide area information management network, Town, County-wide radio systems; primary, back-up and satellite telephone systems; fully integrated audio-video display systems; video conferencing capabilities; access to  NOAA weather and local media information.


Survivability: Secured building with video surveillance, emergency back-up generators, a centralized uninterrupted power source (UPS) in case of wide spread power outage.


For the definitions to the above acronyms click here

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