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Guilford Fire Department Cadets Program

The Guilford Fire Department’s Cadet Program is a hands-on educational program for young men and women who are at least 14 years old, up to the age of 21. The Cadets purpose is to provide safe experiences that will help young people mature and to prepare them on becoming responsible and caring adults. The fire department initiated the cadet program matching their people and resources to the interests of young people in the community. A strong emphasis is placed on teamwork, self –and mutual respect, and character cadets learn the basics of the fire department.






  • Provide a valuable service to your community by providing

      your local fire department with help on Emergency and nonemergency

  • Learn more about the fire and emergency services and what

      it’s really like to be a firefighter or EMT

  • Develop skills like leadership and teamwork

  • Spend time with other youth who have similar interests

  • Fulfill community service hour requirements for school and/or add leadership and volunteer experience to your college applications!






Benefits Of The Program

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Click Below For Further Information

Cadet Program Brochure

Guilford Cadet Slideshow

Cadet Program Application


For More Information On This Program Please Call 203-453-8056.


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