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“Hot Liquids Burn Like Fire!” Awareness for preventing scald injuries during February 5-11, 2023

February 5-11, 2023, is National Burn Awareness Week. This year's emphasis is on preventing scalds and burns.

A scald injury can happen at any age, however, children, adults, and those with disabilities are especially at risk.

According to a report by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), scald burns are the second leading cause of all burn injuries and can cause third-degree burns almost instantly.

National Burn Awareness Week safety tips:

  • Teach children that hot things can burn. Install scald prevent devices on shower heads and water faucets.

  • Always supervise children in or near bathtubs.

  • Before placing a child in the bath test the water, it should be warm, not hot to the touch.

  • Place hot liquids and food near the center of a table or the back of a counter.

  • Have a "kid-free-son" of at least three feet around stoves and other hot surfaces.

  • Allow microwaved food to cool before eating.

  • Never hold a child while cooking or carrying hot foods.

  • If a burn happens treat it immediately with cool water for 3-5 minutes and cover with a clear and dry cloth.

  • Get medical help if needed.


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