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Guilford Fire Department Urges Residents to Apply "If Found" Stickers for Non-Registered Boats

Guilford, CT - May 31, 2024

In a bid to enhance safety on Connecticut's waterways, the Guilford Fire Department is advocating for the application of "If Found" stickers on non-registered boats, including kayaks, canoes, and standup paddleboards. These stickers, designed to be waterproof and easily visible, carry the potential to save lives, recover lost property, and streamline non-emergency search and rescue operations.

The importance of these stickers cannot be overstated, as emphasized by the Guilford Fire Department. "In emergency situations on the water, every second counts," stated Assistant Chief Michael Shove. "Having clear identification on your vessel drastically expedites our response time and ensures that resources are allocated efficiently."

The "If Found" stickers, provided free of charge to Connecticut residents, offer designated spaces for the owner's name and two phone numbers. Chief Shove stressed the necessity of listing two contact numbers. "We understand that accidents happen, and sometimes, personal belongings, including cell phones, end up in the water. By providing two phone numbers, we increase the likelihood of swift communication in case of an emergency."

Affixing these stickers on non-registered boats serves as a proactive measure, aiding emergency responders in distinguishing between genuine emergencies and false alarms. "Our goal is to ensure the safety of all individuals enjoying our waterways," Chief Shove affirmed. "By cooperating in the application of these stickers, residents contribute to a safer boating environment for everyone."

Residents of Guilford are encouraged to request "If Found" stickers through the link below or by emailing the Boating Division at Include the number of stickers you need and your mailing address.

Request Link: "If Found" Sticker

The Guilford Fire Department remains committed to promoting water safety initiatives and encourages all residents to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance their boating safety measures.

For more information or to request these stickers contact the Boating Division at


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