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Guilford Fire Department Enhances Dive Rescue Training for Public Safety

Guilford, CT – September 22, 2023

In the world of public safety, preparation and ongoing training are paramount to ensure that emergency responders are equipped to handle a wide range of situations. Last week, the Guilford Fire Department took a significant step towards enhancing their capabilities by conducting intensive dive rescue training. This training is essential for firefighters to stay current with the latest techniques and changes in the field of dive rescue, ensuring they can provide the best possible service to their community.

Regional Dive Team Collaboration

The Guilford Fire Department's dive team is a regional effort that brings together firefighters from Guilford, Branford, and the Guilford Police Department. This collaboration creates a highly skilled and dedicated team that can respond to emergencies both within and outside the town, offering vital regional support.

Over the years, the Guilford Fire Department's regional dive team has been called upon to assist in numerous underwater rescue operations and recoveries. To ensure they are always ready to meet the challenges of their demanding role, the team engages in rigorous quarterly training exercises.

Dive Training at Lake Quonnipaug

The recent dive rescue training took place at Lake Quonnipaug in North Guilford, providing the ideal setting for simulating real-life rescue scenarios. The picturesque lake offered a controlled environment where divers could practice their skills and enhance their ability to respond to emergencies effectively.

The training encompasses various aspects of dive rescue, including underwater navigation, search and recovery, and communication techniques. Members of the Guilford Fire Department's dive team also certified ice divers, allowing them to operate under challenging and hazardous conditions during the winter months.

Dedication and Commitment

While the training is undeniably demanding, the members of the Guilford Fire Department's dive team are known for their unwavering dedication and passion for their work. Their commitment to ongoing training ensures they remain at the forefront of dive rescue techniques and equipment.

The Guilford Fire Department takes immense pride in serving not only the town of Guilford but also the wider region. Their regional dive team is a testament to their commitment to public safety, and their continuous training efforts reflect their dedication to providing top-notch emergency response services.

As we acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the Guilford Fire Department's dive team, we are reminded of the importance of ongoing training for our first responders. Their willingness to put in the effort and hone their skills ensures that our community is safer and better prepared in times of crisis.

The Guilford Fire Department remains steadfast in their mission to serve and protect, and their dedication to staying at the forefront of dive rescue operations is a shining example of their commitment to public safety.


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