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Guilford Firefighters Rescue Man Who Fell Down A Well

On June 28th, 2020 the Guilford Fire Department was dispatched to a person who had fallen approximately one story. On the arrival of the Fire Department, members found a male who had fallen through the first floor into a cistern type well which was over twenty feet deep and five feet wide. The victim was unable to touch bottom and was treading water and holding onto the stone wall.

Firefighter/Paramedic Sean Marren providing lighting for the operation.

On arrival Firefighters made verbal contact with the patient proceeded to lower a life preserver and a rope which the victim secured to himself. The Firefighters maintained contact with the victim while they put a rope system together to lift the victim from the well. Once the system was set up, a Firefighter in a harness was lowered down, attached the victim to the Firefighters harness, then both were lifted from the well.

The victim was evaluated and treated at the scene and transported to Yale New Haven Hospital.

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