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Oh Baby! Guilford Firefighter's Respond & Help To Deliver A Baby Girl.

At 10:15 this morning, Guilford Firefighters responded to a home for a report of a patient who was in active labor. Upon arrival, firefighters had to make the quick decision to perform a home delivery due to the closeness of her contractions. Firefighters worked together to care for the patient as she successfully gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. With little or no time to spare, the baby was delivered at 10:25 Am. An exciting time for the newborns father as firefighters prepared the umbilical cord to be cut by him. Both parents and baby were transported to Yale New Haven hospital and are said to be doing just fine.

Pictured from left to right: Rescue 1 Captain Jim Considine, Rescue 1 Irons Michael Carri, Medic 1 Driver Cody Mallet, Medic 1 Medic Chris Jones, and Rescue 1 Chauffeur John Planas. Not pictured is Emergency Dispatcher Brandon Fazzino.


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