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New Radio Show Boasts Safety For The Community

ICRV Radio in Ivoryton, CT has a new show called 911:411 and is hosted by Guilford Firefighter/Paramedic John Planas and Guilford Police Sergeant Martina Jakober. Both Martina and John discuss important issues pertaining to safety in and around the community. This week topics that were discussed included the major recall of over 350,000 Ring Video Doorbells due to fire hazards, the recent uptick of burglaries and vehicle break-ins, Holiday Fire Safety, and special guest Connecticut State Trooper Kate Cummings. Trooper Cummings is a Connecticut State Trooper who is currently assigned to the Connecticut State Police Training Academy as the Statewide D.A.R.E. Coordinator and School Resource Officer. She collaborates with the Connecticut State Police Public Information Office as a social media representative. Trooper Cummings offered and interesting insight in todays social media and the dangers that are affecting our children today. Don't miss this informative show.


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