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Guilford Firefighters Save A Life While Training

WESTBROOK, CT- Guilford Firefighters were busy Wednesday morning dive training at the Westbrook YMCA and at the same time saved a life. As part of the quarterly requirements for being a member of the Guilford Fire Department's Dive Rescue Team, divers must train in open water environments. During warmer weather, team members take the opportunity to practice dive operations in area lakes and Long Island Sound. When temperatures are colder, divers will train at local indoor pools to keep up on their skills. On Wednesday, divers were finishing up with their dive training and one member of the team noticed a male patient who was surrounded by other people and was unresponsive. The Guilford Firefighter quickly called out to other Guilford Fire members to help the patient. Immediate care was initialized and the patient was defibrillated by an automated external defibrillator that was available at the pool. The patient then gained responsiveness and was transported to the hospital.

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Ann McGloin
Ann McGloin
17 déc. 2021

Nicely done, folks! That's the kind of training that you hope you will never have to use. But when you are called upon and it's successful, it's the best feeling in the world! 💚❤💚

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