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Guilford Fire Department Heroes Join Tunnel to Towers Run to Honor 9/11 Hero

New York City, September 24, 2023 - In a powerful display of unity and remembrance, members of the Guilford Fire Department participated in the annual Tunnel to Towers Run on Sunday, September 24th. This iconic event pays tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of FDNY Firefighter Stephen Siller and raises funds for critical causes close to the hearts of first responders.

The Tunnel to Towers Run retraces the heroic steps of Stephen Siller, who, on September 11, 2001, courageously parked his truck in Brooklyn, donned his full firefighting gear, and ran through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to reach the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Tragically, Stephen Siller lost his life during the collapse of the towers, but his legacy endures as an inspiration to all.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation, founded in Stephen's memory, channels its efforts into supporting military personnel, firefighters, and police officers. The foundation helps construct specially adapted smart homes for disabled veterans and assists in paying off the mortgages of fallen firefighters and police officers, alleviating the financial burdens on their grieving families.

Members of the Guilford Fire Department, led by their unwavering commitment to service, joined this noble cause with remarkable enthusiasm. Their collective efforts raised a total of $2,750 for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, contributing to the substantial support the organization provides to those who dedicate their lives to protecting our communities.

The Guilford Fire Department was represented by a dedicated group of individuals who ran in honor of Stephen Siller and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Among those who participated were Assistant Chief Michael Shove, Captain Clint Haverkampf, Captain Jim Considine, and Firefighters Mike Carri, Jordan Gleason, Mike Terrio, and John Guarnaccia. Their unyielding spirit and determination mirrored the bravery and resilience of their fellow first responders.

In a heartwarming show of support, Christina Gleason and Claire Regan also joined the Guilford Fire Department members during the run, exemplifying the unity and camaraderie that defines the firefighting community.

As the sun set over the New York City skyline and runners crossed the finish line, it was evident that the Guilford Fire Department had not only paid tribute to a true hero but also made a meaningful contribution to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation's mission of providing support to our nation's heroes.

In a world often divided by differences, the Tunnel to Towers Run serves as a poignant reminder that unity, sacrifice, and the indomitable human spirit transcend all boundaries. The Guilford Fire Department's participation in this annual event reaffirms their unwavering dedication to both their local community and the broader family of first responders. Their actions remind us all that, even in the face of adversity, heroes continue to rise.

To learn more about the Tunnel to Towers Foundation or contribute to their vital work, visit


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