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Wildlife Rescue Guilford Firefighters Answer The Call

Guilford Firefighters were called to help out a local wildlife rehab organization. A Place Called Hope is an organization that specializes in the rescue and care of wildlife animals. Directors Christine Cummings-Secki and Todd Secki contacted The Guilford FIre Department asking for help to place an osprey back after falling 50 feet from its nest on the shoreline in Guilford. The Osprey suffered minor injuries but had an infection that needed care. The organization took the Osprey in and provided care until it was ready to be placed back in its nest. Firefighters used their ladder truck to reach the nest where the Osprey was rejoined with its siblings.

Firefighters who helped with the rescue were Captain Mike Shove, Firefighter Paramedic Matt Nolan, Firefighter/EMT Don Venuti, and Firefighter/Paramedic John Planas


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