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Each week there are many products recalled for fire-related risks. Here are the latest recalls.

Ford Recalls 2020-2023 Escape, 2022-2023 Maverick, and 2021-2023 Corsair Vehicles For these models that have a 2.5L HEV or PHEV engine, if the engine were to fail, engine oil and fuel vapor could be released into the engine compartment. If they accumulate near ignition sources like hot engine or exhaust components, an engine compartment fire could occur. READ MORE

Triple E RVs Recalls Multiple Motorhome Models The two-stage regulator may be improperly crimped, which can cause a gas leak, posing a fire hazard. The motorhomes included in this recall are certain 2023 Unity U24MB, U24cB, U24FX, U24MBL, U24RL, U24TB, and Wonder W24FTB, W24MBL, W24RL, W24RTB motorhomes. READ MORE

Navistar Recalls 2016 International DuraStar, 2018-2020 & 2023-2024 International 1300FBC Stripped Chassis, 2019-2022 IC Bus CE Commercial Bus, 2019-2024 IC Bus TC Commercial Bus, & 2019-2024 International MV Vehicles. The brake pressure switch assembly could leak brake fluid into the brake pressure switch’s electrical components. This could create an electrical short-circuit in the brake pressure switch, possibly overheating the circuit and creating a fire hazard. READ MORE

Triple E Recalls 2023 Unity U24MBL and Wonder W24MBL Motorhomes These motorhomes have an additional recall. The cable that connects the air conditioning to the junction box might have been cut during installation, exposing the wire to the metal junction box. Exposed wire can cause a spark, posing a fire hazard. READ MORE


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