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Guilford Fire Department Cares: Back-to-School Road Safety Alert!

Hello, wonderful Guilford community! As our young scholars gear up for the school season, the Guilford Fire Department wants to emphasize the utmost importance of road safety. Let's ensure our kids' safety is our top priority!

Watch Out for Our Future Leaders: Parents, guardians, and all residents, let's keep a watchful eye on our children as they wait at the bus stop. Remind them to stand back from the road and wait patiently for the bus. Their safety is a shared responsibility!

Bus Stop Etiquette Matters: Dear students, let's remember our bus stop rules. Line up calmly, give each other space, and follow the instructions of the bus driver. Once on board, find your seat quickly and stay seated until the bus arrives at your destination. Your cooperation ensures a smooth and safe ride for all!

Halt for the School Bus: To our drivers, we urge you to STOP when a school bus is picking up or dropping off students. The flashing red lights and extended stop signs mean our young ones are either boarding or leaving the bus. Let's allow them the time and space they need to cross safely. It's a small pause that can prevent big accidents!

Uniting for Safety: Guilford, together we can create a secure environment for our students. Let's spread the word, share these vital safety tips, and collectively make our town's roads safe for our cherished children!

Remember, every action we take contributes to a safer town for our kids. Let's demonstrate our commitment to safety and ensure that our roads are secure for all. Feel free to share your safety insights and help us keep the conversation alive!

Your safety is our priority, and together, we can make a real difference. Stay safe, Guilford!


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