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Firefighter/Paramedics Matthew Mahoney and Eric Carlson complete their first year

Pictured left is Firefighter/Paramedic Eric Carlson and pictured right is Firefighter/Paramedic Matthew Mahoney

Guilford, CT - The Guilford Fire Department is proud to honor the remarkable achievements of two exceptional firefighters, Firefighter/Paramedic Eric Carlson and Firefighter/Paramedic Matthew Mahoney, who have successfully completed their rigorous one-year probationary period. This significant milestone reflects their unwavering commitment to public safety and their dedication to meeting the department's stringent requirements.

The probationary period is a challenging journey that tests the mettle of every firefighter, demanding them to achieve specific objectives to secure their places in the esteemed Guilford Fire Department. Both Carlson and Mahoney faced this arduous task head-on, with the invaluable support and mentorship of their fellow firefighters and officers.

Eric Carlson, currently residing in Hamden, Connecticut, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role. Prior to joining the Guilford Fire Department, he volunteered with the West Haven Fire Department Center District Hook & Ladder Co. 1. Furthermore, he served as a utility firefighter with WHFD Center District on Engine 25 from 2016 to 2020. With over two decades of experience in commercial EMS, Eric has been a steadfast presence as an EMT and paramedic since 2020.

Matthew Mahoney, hailing from Clinton, has also exhibited unwavering dedication throughout his career. He began his firefighting journey by volunteering with The Volunteer Fire Department of Prospect in September 2000, showcasing his commitment to serving his community. In 2017, he joined the Clinton Fire Department, where he continued to make a difference. Moreover, Matthew spent an impressive 16 years in commercial EMS in the Waterbury area, rising through the ranks to become an Operations Supervisor and Paramedic for American Medical Response. His journey in EMS began in 2006 as an EMT, eventually leading him to enroll in a paramedic program at Capitol in 2010.

Assistant Chief Michael Shove expressed his heartfelt commendation for these two exemplary firefighters. Their dedication and hard work during their probationary period serve as a testament to their character and determination. Chief Shove also recognized the importance of the support system within the Guilford Fire Department, emphasizing the role of fellow firefighters and officers in helping Carlson and Mahoney meet the demanding requirements.

A significant aspect of their probationary journey was the need to gain approval from local medical control to practice as paramedics for New Haven County. This demonstrates the department's commitment to ensuring that its firefighters possess the highest level of skills and training in providing critical emergency medical services.

Eric Carlson and Matthew Mahoney's successful completion of their probationary period is not only a personal triumph but also a testament to their commitment to safeguarding the Guilford community. As they embark on this next phase of their careers with the Guilford Fire Department, they bring with them the knowledge, skills, and dedication that will undoubtedly enhance the safety and well-being of Guilford residents.

Their achievements highlight the unwavering commitment and bravery that define the firefighting community. Eric Carlson and Matthew Mahoney's dedication to public service and their tireless efforts throughout their probationary period are an inspiration to all aspiring firefighters and a source of pride for the Guilford Fire Department.


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