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A Heartfelt Open Letter To The Guilford Fire Department

On Sunday Morning, June 23, my son went for a motorcycle ride. Traveling west on Rt. 80 he swerved to miss a car at the intersection of Hart Rd and Rt. 80. His motorcycle went into an unrecoverable wobble and hit the guard rail on the eastbound side of Rt.80 at the exit of Farina Pizza sending him flying through the air and landing about 20 feet down in the ravine of Little Meadow Brook.

With all of his lumbar vertebrates broken, two of them shattered, he lay helpless in the water until help arrived. He was rushed to Yale where they stabilized him and prepared him for surgery on Monday which lasted until the early hours of this morning. His back is now fused from T10 to his pelvis, the pressure on his spinal cord is removed and he is expected to make a full recovery with no paralysis.

At 3AM this morning when the neurosurgeon came out tell me how the surgery went and asked me the details of the accident, he unequivocally stated that if it weren’t for the precision and care of the EMS in their extraction, from that tricky spot, he’d likely never walk again.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the Guilford Fire/EMS for their service to the community, dedication and quality work.


Joe Bunovsky Madison, CT

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